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In 2014, after years of planning, we began to produce our line of Rescue Frames. Our purpose was to produce a frame that was relatively lightweight, strong, and of a design that would prevent destructive "bending moments" inherent in other products of that era. Our first frame was our bipod, the most versatile frame of the three. It quickly became apparent that, in addition to the bipod, a tripod would be a vital addition as it does not require extensive rigging to set up and use as a lift point. Finally, we developed our monopod. While it may be used less often, it does have the advantage that it can be put up with minimal equipment and uses a small foot print so it can be deployed in areas where real estate may be limited.

There are three basic parts to our frames. First, the HEAD, which can be a tripod, bipod, or monopod.

The second part is the COLUMN set, which consists of an upper and lower column. The upper column is slightly smaller than the lower column and is 143 inches long. The lower column is 120 inches long and has holes every 12 inches so that the overall length can be adjusted for an overall length of 12' 4" up to 20' 4" in one foot increments.

The third part is the FOOT. We have three types of feet. The first on the left is our new, non-articulating Tripod Foot. In the center is our Bipod Foot which hinges consistent with the operation of a bipod, and finally on the right is our Monopod Foot which hinges differently than the Bipod Foot.

There are cleats on the bottom of the bipod and monopod feet to grab the ground in the picture on the left. In the center is the tripod foot which has an oval style cleat. All feet come with a suitable pad for using the frame foot on asphalt or concrete to offer protection to both surfaces.

Finally, depending upon the package ordered, a chain kit may be included or added as an option. For most domestic animals, our Standard Chain Kit would be acceptable. For very heavy loads, or XXL patients, order our HD Chain Kit. For different ways to configure the chain, see the pictures below. On the left is a single chain for a light load. This chain can be doubled for a heavier load. On the right is how a tripod may be configured.

For more information on the specific frame style, click TRIPOD, BIPOD, or MONOPOD.

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