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The Häst Bipod was the culmination of many months of imagination, design, tool making, and just plain hard work. The result was a frame that is lightweight and strong. The key feature of our bipod is the way all the rigging lines are connected to the head, through a self adjusting link that prevents bending moments in the legs. No matter the forces on the rigging lines, the vertical forces in the columns remain dead center for maximum strength.

On the bottom is our bipod foot. Made of 1/2 inch aluminum plate, the foot is a massive hinge that allows the bipod to tip over a large animal in distress, raise the animal, and then tip back to where the animal can be lowered to firm and safe ground. The feet need to be anchored into the ground with stakes to prevent sliding. Note the grease fittings that keep the hinge lubricated.

Before we shipped the first bipod, we tested it by lifting this automobile which had a listed weight of 2700 pounds. The system did not break a sweat! Since that test we loaded our tripod to 12,000 pounds using the same columns and style feet.

The Häst Bipod can be ordered in any stance from a narrow based Model 16 up to a wide stance of our Model 30. The most popular stance is 24, which seems to give a good distance between the legs as well as a very good amount of working height for lifting. To better choose the model right for you, refer to our Bipod Selection Chart.

While our bipod can handle considerable loads, care must be taken when selecting anchors for the rigging lines as well as providing a secure attachment to the ground at the feet. The loads in the rigging lines can easily become much higher than the weight of the patient. To better appreciate these loads, and good practices for rigging of both the upper lines as well as the haul line, please refer to Bipod Loading.

While chain kits are standard on our tripods, because they are often used on concrete or other hard surfaces, chain kits are optional for bipods. If there are plans to use the bipod on a hard surface, please order a chain kit. In addition, purchase adequate rigging lines to provide "remote anchors" for the feet. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us for further details.

To order a bipod, go to our ORDER page. Please specify the stance that you prefer. Because frames are made to order, please allow a lead time of up to 60 days depending up the number of orders we are currently processing.

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