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One important aspect of our success is derived from several persons and organizations with whom we have developed a cooperative effort for new
design features.  We would like to acknowledge the following for their feedback and help in both past improvements as well as ones that will soon be  announced.  These are, but not exclusive to: 
James Danner at LARRCo, Eric Thompson at EERU,  WASART,  Al and Sarah Filice of TLAER-WEST,
Professor Olivier Lepage of VetAgro Sup-Lyon, Franc
e, Justin and Tori McLeod of NCSMART,  along with Willis Lamm and others.


The first career for Kathleen was that of an engineer.  After receiving her Masters in Engineering
from the University of Louisville's Speed Scientific School, she worked for Louisville Gas and Electric
for two years.  And while she loves engineering, she wanted more life experiences, and so she embarked on
a change in course and was graduated from Auburn University's School of Veterinary Medicine in 1985.
She worked as an equine veterinarian for twenty years.  Along the way, through an odyssey of circumstance,
she added human rope rescue and EMT skills.  Then, in 2003, she attended a Technical Large Animal Rescue
course in South Carolina presented by Tomas and Rebecca Gimenez.  This opened up new doors of opportunity.
Bringing all of her skills together, along with more recent work in the construction industry, she now is the
exclusive manufacturer of the Becker Sling along with the Häst Water Rescue Harness.  Listening to people in
the industry, along with Faith, they are developing new products that will further large animal rescue.

Faith has had a likewise very diverse background that brings a unique skill set and vision to product
development.  At the age of five, she began work along side her father in building what ever was needed
for the dog kennel which the family owned.  Her life experiences were furthered by a ten year
career in the navy where she was an electronic technician.  While being stationed at various naval air
bases in the world, her primary responsibility was maintaining the electronic systems on the
 P3 Orion airplane whose mission was submarine detection.  Following the navy, Faith spent a number of
years traversing the interstate highways providing logistics with her Class A commercial drivers license. 
Going back to her roots from her childhood, she is the owner of Faith in Construction, building
furniture grade log homes.  In each of her projects, she has injected her touch on unique aspects
 of design.  It is with these skills that make her such a valuable asset to this business.  In the
innovative concepts of the new rescue A frame, many details can be attributed to her that include
a more robust and simpler frame.  It is totally her design that has eliminated the "bending moments",
 destructive forces within the frame itself that lead to leg failure, that are found in frames currently on
the market.  Her positive contributions to the development process are absolutely immeasurable.
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