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Here at Häst, we work very hard to keep good lines of communication with every one of our clients as well as new inquiries. When we receive an e-mail, we are alerted immediately! Sometimes we are not in a position to respond right away, however, we make every effort to answer questions promptly, most often within an hour. We have discovered that sometimes our response winds up in with spam or junk mail. We are not sure why this happens. However, if you have not found our reply within a short amount of time, please check your spam or junk files!

Click on this E-Mail link to open up your e-mail program. ( This is most often the easiest way to communicate with us, as most of our time is working at our machines making slings, frames, and other things.

If you have a pressing question, call us! Our number 804-286-0832. Sometimes the cooling fan on the TIG welder is so noisy that we can't hear the phone, so bear with us. While I will answer the phone at any time of the day, please try to be courteous and limit this to normal working hours if possible.

Bottom line, we are in business only by supporting clients like you! We really do go to every effort to respond to every inquiry, no matter how large or small!


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