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While "strap guides" are a convenient way to pass webbings under a downed animal, these will not work with the XXL patient as the friction resistance due to the weight is simply too much. For those animals we developed this needle guide that is smaller that can be used in this capacity. Made of 1/2 inch stainless steel, the end features a slot that is designed to accept 1 inch webbing that, when passed under the animal, can be used to drag larger straps for lifting.

Our needle guides come in two styles. One style has slots on both ends which can be pushed under the patient and then pulled from the other side bringing the webbing with it. The other style has a slot on one end and a handle on the other. This guide is designed to be pushed under the animal and then, by using the handles, brought back to the original side. The short piece of rod to the right of the handle can be struck with a hammer to help push the guide if necessary. Both guides are normally available in 8 feet lengths. However, we can certainly make shorter lengths if requested. And while we can obtain material up to 12 feet long, these would require special shipping.

The handles on this model guide are removable, mainly to reduce shipping costs. This can also make storage easier.

Finally, if the double eye ended model is chosen, we strongly advise that you add a "strike cap" as shown. Made of aluminum, the strike cap will help prevent damage to the end if struck with a hammer. While stainless steel is hard, it can be deformed if hit repeatedly.

Finally, both guides can be bent by the customer into an arc if desired. Please do not hesitate to contact us with information on how to do this nicely. In fact, with care, it can be formed into a semicircle for mud rescues.

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