Nicopolous Needle

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A Nicopolous Needle is used to pass a line of webbing or rope under an animal stuck in the mud. The basic idea was originally inspired years ago by Dr Dino Nicopolous with further development by Dr Tomas Gimenez. Air or water is sent through the tubing to the tip end to bore a path through the mud. The top valve is the same as on our mud lances with its own control and a connector for a standard water hose. The needle is about four feet in diameter. Like our mud lances, a flow restrictor is also included for use with air in the event that the needle is being used in combination with a set of lances.

The nozzle at the tip is likewise the same as used on our mud lances, with four ports that can be used for air or water. There is a stainless steel heavy duty wire that is used to attach to a rope or webbing. When the needle is sent under the animal, the wire loop folds back allowing the nozzle to clear the path. Then, with the tip is on the other side, the rope or webbing is attached to the loop and brought back under the animal. It is suggested that a small line be brought back first, which can then drag a large sling or other large webbing.

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