Mud Lances

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Mud lances are used to break the suction of an animal that is stuck in mud. Also called "jetting wands", the concept was originally considered by Allan Schwartz with further development by Dr Tomas Gimenez for large animals. Air, for thin watery mud, or water, better for thick to dry mud, is injected down along the lower limbs to loosed the hold. Our lances can be used with either air or water as needed. The tubing is made of aluminum and is extremely strong and will resist bending. While most often sold in sets of four, we can sell them individually if needed.

At the top of each lance is a basic water hose connection. We chose this type of hose because they are available almost everywhere and easy to replace if needed. Each lance has it's own valve that provides local control of either air or water injection.

At the bottom of the lance is our own nozzle. With a total of four ports, it supplies air or water both forward and along the sides as it pushes through the mud.

For water operations, the lance is used "wide open", providing a full amount of discharge at the tip of the nozzle. To use with air, we strongly recommend that this restrictor be placed inline with the system, especially if more than one lance is being used at a time. This prevents one lance from taking all the available air at the expense of the other lances.

The air restrictor is simply installed between the valve and the hose supplying the air. This accessory is marked so that it will give a visual reference to its presence.

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