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Our straps are specifically designed for animal rescue. They are very strong, but in addition, very comfortable to the animal being rescued. The ends are sized to allow attachments to carabineers or for ropes to be easily passed through the loops. In addition to the sizes that are offered below, we can make any custom sizes that you may require! Simply write us and ask, and we will provide a quote for what you need. On straps that are over 10 feet in length, the centers are marked for your convenience. To go straight to the order page, click: ORDER

We now have settled on a "Working Load Limit" for the straps. This number is based on the breaking strength divided by 15 and where the strap is used in a standard "basket" configuration. (Note: NFPA 1983 recommends a 15:1 safety factor for rescue rope when used in a human rescue environment. While straps are officially covered by OSHA, we have chosen to try to emulate the higher NFPA standards with this safety factor.) With that being said, we have set a very low and conservative WLL for the 4 inch (10 cm) straps at 4,800 pounds (2180 kg) and the 6 inch (15 cm) straps at 7,200 pounds (3272 kg).

On all straps that are over 10 feet or 3 meters, the centers are marked.

We can customize your straps with colour codes if desired! Note the abrasion resistant material in the end of the loop above. Currently, there is no "standard" on colour selection for various lengths. However, due to customer preferences, we have decided to make the following recommendations on colours for various popular lengths:

4 inch or 10 cm webbings:
Gold: 10 feet, 3 meters
Teal: 15 feet, 30 feet, 5 meters, 9 meters
Orange: 20 feet, 6 meters
Blue: 25 feet, 7 meters
Grey: Other Lengths

6 inch or 15 cm webbings:
Gold: 10 feet, 3 meters
Blue: 14 feet, 4 meters
Orange: 20 feet, 6 meters
Teal: 30 feet, 9 meters

We can follow this colour scheme if you like, or you can specify your own! It's all your decision! In addition, if there is an entirely different colour that you desire, let us know. It may take a little more time, but we will work to customize them any way you want.

All of our yellow webbing material is manufactured in North Carolina by American Webbing and Fittings.

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