Picket Bar

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This bar, with a length of 46 inches and weighing about 15 pounds, is designed to be driven with three 1 inch diameter stakes. The three sleeves on the bar are set at 30 degrees to allow for an elevated load such as a bipod or tripod. The clevis has a 10,000 pound WLL and is attached behind the first picket, putting this attachment in compression. The rest of the bar, made of 6061 aluminum, has a tensile yield of at least 50,000 pounds. We've placed a reflective strip on the sides for better visibility during night operations

The price on this bar is $186. ORDER

Bar and Stake Combination
(Out the Door)

For your convenience, we are offering this combo package. It includes a picket bar, three ground stakes at 48 inches long each, and three safety caps. It also includes UPS Ground Shipping! (Its heavy!)

The price on this Out the Door Combo is $336. ORDER

For a complete discussion on this bar, with our reasons for its design, click on: Picket Bars and Pickets

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