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We are proud to introduce our new Head Protector!

One key feature is that this is NOT intended to be placed over a halter. In fact, by keeping the hardware from a halter away from the face will prevent contact pressure and possible nerve damage. The strength of the D rings is more than adequate to control the head.

One of the reasons for our entrance into the market was to make a head protector that could be used for helicopter operations. Often the animal is either sedated or anesthetized during the lift. In those cases, the head needs to be supported. For that, we have placed a D ring over the poll. In this case, we have illustrated that with a light white piece of rigging line. However, in a real operation, this line would most likely be far more substantial

This example shows an animal that is in need of head support, perhaps in a set of stocks. Note that all the webbing lines are tied into one another so that the vinyl itself is not stressed with load.

Should the animal be in lateral recumbancy, we supply a clip on handle that can be used to manipulate the head.

For those rescues that involve an animal that is upside down, in a trench for example, we have supplied D rings in the right place to provide support. Of course, unlike our fixed model, the head would tend to be more tucked towards the body.

We recently added this 12" strap, in addition to the detachable side strap, to allow the head to be carried when upside down. This can be particularly helpful in a hospital or university setting when an animal is being transported to surgery while on an overhead gantry.

As of February 2023 we have added labels to the head protector that better inform technical rescue personnel who may not be familiar with equipment like halters on large animals, especially if the animal is upside down or in some other unusual position.

The clear eye shields come standard. But if access to the eye is needed, they can be unsnapped for easy access.

The edges feature a reflective border for night operations.

The head protector also comes in a large draft size!

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