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The Virginia Association of Rescue Squads Conference, September 2014

We were very pleased to be able to set up a booth in the exhibit hall. Our new partner in the business, "Majestic", was quite the hit at the show. Here we have the new Häst Bipod Rescue Frame along with a Becker Sling. Overall, this was a success, giving awareness to the VAVRS members.

From Australia,

The Greenbank Rural Fire Brigade had just received their Becker Sling prior to this incident. During a training, they received a call to rescue"Duchess" from a gully. Having plenty of personnel on hand as well as instructors, the rescue was handles quickly and efficiently. In this picturethe horse had been sedated. The patient recovered just fine.

The NY Mounted Police Training with the Häst Water Rescue Harness

This agency has also purchased 3 Becker Slings for use in New York City

We can also do custom work.

The Corrales Horse and Mule People of New Mexico requested that we modify a standard Häst Water Rescue Harness by adding a breeching strap behind to work with their particular situation. No problem!

Becker Sling featured in Kyle Zanetti Trailers.

When Kyle Zanetti was designing their new ambulance, after considerable research, they decided to use a Becker Sling in their trailer. They designed their top rails and hoist system to specifically interface with the spread bar.

Virginia State Firefighters Expo - August 2015

We were very pleased with the show at the expo. Instead of the bipod, we chose to exhibit the tripod as we had the room and could extend it higher without the need for rigging. We could have still extended the height an additional 3 feet if we chose!

Along with our display, Chief Doug Monaco from Little Fork Fire and Rescue was also there giving an awareness course on large animal rescue

December 2017

At NASAAEP in Gulfport Mississippi.

February 2019

Virginia Fire Chiefs Conference at Virginia Beach.

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