Zoos and XXL Patients
We are setting up this page for both zoos and agencies that deal with very large animals.
Included will be our XXL spread bar, pulley, and other items for the heavy patient.
 All of this gear is focused on animals that can weigh up to 10,000 pounds.

In other news, we have recently been making a number of slings designed for camels and have been sending them to the United Arab Emirates. 
This is mentioned primarily because this is a custom sized sling, that while built on the Becker Sling design, has longer front and rear body slings to
better accommodate the hump in the camels back.  We can make any custom design, and often this is no more expensive than our production models. 
We will also be purchasing some 12" inch wide nylon webbing for those XXL patients, like elephants, that would require a very wide webbing.

Other products that will be featured on this page will include our new line of "Needle Guides" that help get straps and rigging under a downed animal. 
Already in production is our XXL Pulley which can be seen and purchased on our Accessories page.

Bottom line:  We can work with any agency or zoo to produce a system to help animals in need of assistance.  We work closely with Eric Thompson and ASAR.  Eric has been absolutely vital to our product development and testing.  Feel free to Contact Us at any time to discuss your needs!

XXL Spread Bar
Standard and Instant Release Models
To the left you will see our basic XXL Bar.   It is made of ASTM A500 steel which is
most often used in buildings.  The walls are 0.25 inches thick.  It is 8 feet long, and the
holes are drilled every 4 inches along the entire length.  There is an extra hole in the
center for the Instant Release System if that is selected.

We chose to use a rope bridle above the bar because of its light weight and it's
versatility.  Each side has four strands of rope.  We have loaded this rope in this
particular configuration to well over 20,000 pounds without failure.  Because
it can be attached anywhere on the bar, it gives the ultimate in flexibility, especially
if the load is unbalanced.  Also, this makes it easy to substitute either shorter or
longer lengths of rope to change the configuration if desired.

This bar can be set up as a Standard Bar or an Instant Release Bar.

 To the right, you can our Instant Release System attached to the basic bar.
This configuration is the one most often requested.  On the ends are the Ram
Hooks that provide the ability to quickly separate the animal being lifted from
the support webbings.  In the middle is the post which redirects the activation
lines to the Ram Hooks.  This allows the person responsible for pulling the Instant
Release System to be positioned anywhere in a 360 circle around the patient.

The price on the Instant Release XXL Support System is:  $1758

The Instant Release System is detailed below:


This is the Pre-Deployment Configuration
for the Instant Release System.  The
carabiner is left hanging and ready to
be passed through the loops of the
slings made of nylon webbing.

The carabiner is passed through the
webbing loops and is attached to the
lower shackle.

Here is how the system looks after
the Ram Hooks have been activated
and the webbing loops released.

The system can be quickly reset by putting
the D ring back into the Ram Hook and
detaching the carabiner from the shackle.

The bar can also be configured as a Standard Support System:

This is the Pre-Deploy Configuration
for the Standard Spread Bar.  The
carabiner is left hanging and is ready
to be passed through the loops of the
slings made of nylon webbing.

Here the carabiner has been passed through
the webbing loops and attached to the
other lower shackle with the rapid release system.

The orange webbing has been pulled removing
the safety hair pin, and then the yellow lanyard
has been pulled removing the lower shackle pin.

Below are some closer pictures of the components of the Instant Release System:

The ends with the Ram Hooks are now sleeker
in design.  They can be pinned anywhere on the bar.

The center post, instead of being permanently
attached to the bar, can now be kept separate and
easily attached when desired.  As on our spread
bar made for domestic animals, activation of the
Instant Release System can be accomplished from
any position in a 360 degree circle.

The lower shackle and the Quick Attach
Strap are the same as on our bar for
domestic animals.  The D ring on the
Quick Attach Strap fits into the Ram
Hooks of the Instant Release System.

We want to thank everyone at Spencer's Body Shop who painted our XXL bar.
They did an outstanding job!!

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