Häst Rescue Frame - Monopod
While at first glance one might not consider a monopod to be the first consideration in frame selection, we have found it to be a valuable alternative in particular circumstances.  Due to its simplicity and ease to erect, we used a monopod to film our video of our Instant Release Spread Bar.  The monopod can provide a fast point of lift if that is all that is needed.  The other advantages include a very small footprint if terrain precludes the use of either the bipod or tripod.  The monopod to the left is not fully extended, as it was not required for our video.  However, the top of the monopod, when vertical, can obtain a height of 20 feet.

While we state that the monopod is typically used as a fixed point, with proper rigging, because the foot is hinged, the tilt of the frame can be changed while under load.  This requires properly placed side stabilizing rigging lines.  This might be necessary if a patient needs some inline horizontal movement during the lift. 
To the right, one can see the monopod foot being secured to the ground with four double headed stakes.  Also, to the side holes we have attached a prusik minding pulley and a double prusik hitch for our haul line. 

Finally, the monopod head can be seen to offer numerous attachment points for many rigging options, either on the upper plate, the lower plate, or both.  Of course, the monopod achieves stability from having AT LEAST two anchor points to the top as shown. 
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